CocoBolo Rosewood Charcuterie Board
CocoBolo Rosewood Charcuterie Board

CocoBolo Rosewood Charcuterie Board

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We designed these serving boards by hand selecting exotic hard woods that have beautiful and special grain patterns. We want to create something that is very special and beautiful to look at as well as functional. We suggest using these as a serving or charcuterie board vs your everyday chopping board. They are great to use during parties and entertaining and then can be hung on your wall when not in use. They also make a wonderful wedding or house warming gift.


This particular board is made of a Coco Bolo Rosewood, which is an exotic hard wood from South America. The Coco Bolo Rosewood can have a very dramatic grain pattern by having the mix of the lighter colored sap wood with the deeper colored heart wood. We shaped this board into a long oval shape and added a heavy latigo Leather strap with solid brass screws.


These boards are very special and need to be treated in order to maintain their richness and beauty. We suggest using a butchers block cream and cloth to keep the board in good condition. It's especially good to condition the board when it's new. Once you clean and thoroughly dry the board, apply the butchers block cream to both sides. Never soak the board in water or put in a dish washer.