Everything I make is cut and sewn one at a time, by hand.  It truly is slow fashion.  Each piece of fabric is vintage that needs to be hand washed, sometimes mended, and then pattern adjustments to fit the textile size.  I might only have enough from the cloth to make one garment and a pillow, and then it’s gone.  The nice thing about this is that someone can own something that is made sustainably and is one of a kind.

I take a lot of time to hand select every vintage piece of clothing, textile, leather hide and trim. This is the beginning of the process that I love the most. It’s about finding that unique textile that was made with such attention to detail and craftmanship that I truly love and appreciate. You can find me at flea markets scouring through piles of textiles for hours looking for the perfect one that has a unique pattern, color and fade.

My day starts in my studio where I work between flat pattern and draping techniques to determine the shape and fit of each apparel piece. If I’m working on a tote bag or leather style I switch to my two industrial sewing machines to help me complete the design.  Sometimes my leather, grain sack textiles or WWII canvas duffel bags are very sturdy fabric weights and need the heavy duty sewing machines to complete the task.

Each bag is finished with hand cut heavy vegetable tanned leather straps and solid copper rivets that are hand hammered on. I love working with various shades and weights of leathers for my bags and pouches and leather wrapped glass vases.