Many of the garments I make are made with vintage textiles. These textiles are usually very old, sometime even 100 years old and need to be treated with extra care. Each textile that I start with is washed thoroughly and repaired with any patches or reinforcing of seams if needed.  Depending on the textile, some are finer in weave or thicker in weave, which will help in understanding its durability.

The African indigo cloths are made starting with the fiber, then woven on narrow hand looms and then hand stitched together. After the cloth is made it is hand indigo dyed. Most of the Indigo cloths I use from Africa are all vintage and at least 60+ years old. This means some are lighter or darker than others due to years of being washed and worn. This is what I love about vintage textiles, especially indigos, they continue to get very soft over the years.  The fade from naturally wearing for years is so beautiful and can’t be duplicated with newer fabrics.

I carefully hand pick each and every textile I use to ensure not only of its beauty in design, but I try and find ones with no stains or excessive repairs. I also believe that if something starts to unravel or rip, you just pick up some needle and thread and repair it and let the garment continue its journey vs. disposing of it. Certain care needs to be taken in wearing your garment as well. You cannot be as rough and active in it. I cannot be responsible for badly damaged pieces after you have worn it excessively. If you do come across seams that need tightening or a spot that needs a repair I can gladly help you out with a repair for a small fee.

The garments don’t need to be washed every time. Especially the jackets, as being worn as layering pieces, do not need as much washing. When you do wash it you need to take care and wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Do not mix with light colors. Once you wash you can line dry and iron as needed.

If you have any questions about caring for your garment, please reach out to me. I take a lot of care and pride in my work and want you to be happy and enjoy your piece for many years and pass it on so it becomes a true heritage item.